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Our prices are very reasonable comparing to the market. This is due to our special, lean approach to our business. We preserve top quality and maintain low prices at the same time.

How we achieve our relatively low prices?

  • No physical office. We choose not to have a physical office, hence we don’t need to charge you more to cover our rent expenses. (And this is exactly what happens if a company has a nice high-street office)
  • No paid advertisement. We believe that message about great work we are doing will spread from one successful customers to his friends and family. We won’t use google adwords to be on top of search engine results page or any paid promotion in social media. This means that we don’t need to add these massive expenses to your bill and our price would be more affordable to our Clients.


We deliver work on time to meet your deadline. We know how important it is to you to deliver your assignment on time and we build our business reputation around our proven ability to deliver work on well-timed basis. No excuses.

However, if your deadline is very tight and you need the work to be done very fast, the charge will be higher than for a standard deadline. Our standard work rate is 500 words per day. 500 words is about one A4 page. So, if you need 7 pages long paper, please give us 7 days if you’d like to pay at standard rate. We do work over weekends.