The Research Proposal Oral Presentation

The Research Proposal Oral Presentation

Thus far, we at Thesis Associates have provided great insight into the core elements of the selection of an appropriate thesis topic and the preparation of an outstanding, noteworthy research proposal. Once the preparation of the research proposal phase has culminated, most institutes of higher learning require that the student gives a thorough presentation of all components of their body of work. This process acts as a medium for you to demonstrate the thought process followed and further convince the adjudicating lecturers of the viability and validity of the research undertaking. It also presents the perfect opportunity for you to demonstrate innovation and commitment to enhancing available studies in your respective field.

In order to commence preparation for the oral presentation, you should first decide on the best medium for demonstrating your work. One of the most effective means of transferring information to other parties is implementing the use of Microsoft PowerPoint to create eye catching and knowledge packed slides. It is a great tool that can be utilised to showcase relevant statistics, graphs showcasing trends, your proposed schedule of work and other pertinent information.

Let’s refer to the example used in our previous article. For a project on construction delays, you can detail graphs illustrating the time and cost effects of projects that have been subjected to construction delays. This shows that you indeed have done sufficient research and have proven that delays are a serious problem which can affect a project in two extremely negative ways. You can also include data on the number of projects delayed on an average yearly basis or other suitable time period, if this is applicable to your location of study.

It is imperative that your slides detail the entire body of work in a format that showcases the key highlights of your research as we previously outlined; including the Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology and means of Data Collection just to recap a few. Always remember that your presentation needs to keep your audience engaged, focused and interested!

It is also advisable that prior to the presentation date you anticipate as best as possible, the relevant questions that may be posed to you by the lecturer panel. In this way, you will be fully prepared to respond to any queries or clarification that may be required. In doing this, you will also demonstrate your thoroughness in undertaking research as well as your vast knowledge and understanding of the issues being targeted.

Keep in mind that the research proposal presentation is an avenue to exude your professionalism, confidence and sell your ideas to the best of your ability. Once you have followed all the tips provided in our previous articles as well as this one, there will be no need for self-doubt or lack of preparation; you will be well equipped to achieve success in both oral and written aspects. Our upcoming series of articles will be aimed at continuing to provide you with the best tools required to garner high accolades in your Master’s dissertation!

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