Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the price for the assistance in Assignment writing?

A. The price of the service is depends on word count you need and on urgency of the work to be done. Please check out rice calculator page for price estimation.

Q. How long it will take?

A. It all depends on your urgency but please do allow at least few days for longer assignments.

Q. How can I pay with PayPal?

A. In the case you hold any type of the credit/debit card you can use PayPal service. Just press “Buy now” button in the appropriate section and follow the instructions.

Q. What if my country not in the list of PayPal?

A. There are some countries that PayPal doesn’t recognize (for instance: Korea, Pakistan). In this case the money transfer can be done with Western Union. Service of this worldwide company is reliable and fast.

Q. How do I use Western Union?

A. Service of the Western Union is available world wide. To find the closest Western Union location, please visit their web site. You will be given more instructions about money transfer with Western Union when we receive your inquiry.