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Thesis Associates has now fully operational with our website as the new “venue” and already experienced Technical Writers from around the world to suit the specific topics and cases, carried along from the previous work.

Writing 100% authentic material demands a great deal of experience in the field and there is no better way to prove our commitment to your case but allocating you to the most suitable Technical Writer and match your needs with our services.

Alongside our responsibility and work, come your testimonials of the successful cases.


– I wrote the whole document and, as English is not my mother tongue, I wanted a verified look through the thesis to correct the mistakes and make a proper version. Thesis Associates have done what I asked for, minimum hustle, maximum results. Thank you and you guys are lifesavers!

Mahmoud, Abu Dhabi

– I have forwarded my Thesis and was not even aware of all the mistakes I’ve made in the file. I thought I’ve made a good job as it took me two months to complete it. Thanks to my allocated TW and the Thesis Associates Technical Team, we have managed to shape it into a valid document, worth of any professional audience. Saying thank you is not enough but it’s a start. So Thank you a lot!

Clara, Montreaux

– Dear TA (Thesis Associates) thank you for your patience with all my submitted documents. I could not find my way to the important stuff until you pointed it out. This was not only shaping my thoughts, but opening new ideas for writing, which improved my Thesis beyond my initial expectations. I would recommend your services to all in need, as without them I would have on my hands now only 50% of what you gave me in the end.

Edward, UK


This is but a fraction of your feedback and we are looking forward to deserving a lot more replies.


We are ready for you!



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